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Roma Rooftop-Rome, ItalyEzekiel at Columna de la Inmaculada-Rome, ItalyOceanus in The Trevi Fountain-Rome, ItalyFontand di Trevi-B&W-Rome, ItalyTrevi Fountain Painterly-Rome, ItalyOceanus and Fountain-Trevi Fountain-Rome, ItalyRoma Sidestreet-Rome, ItalyFountain of Neptune-Piazza Navona-Rome, ItalyVatican City from the Tiber-Rome, ItalyInvstitia at the Palace of Justice-Rome, ItalyAt the Palace of Justice-Rome, ItalyLicinio Crasso at the Palice of Justice-Rome, ItalyColosseum Facade-Rome, ItalyColosseum Archs-Rome, ItalyMarcus Aurelius at the Capitoline Hill-Rome, ItalyChurch of Santi Luca e Martina Dome-Rome, ItalyRoman Forum-Rome, ItalyTemple of Antoninus & Faustina-Roman Forum-Rome, ItalyTemple of Divus Romulus-Roman Forum-Rome, ItalyFish Eye of the Colosseum-Rome, Italy